Wrench Cooled IC2 Fission Reactor

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Fission Reactor Assembly.png

Greetings fellow Nuclear Engineer! I hope you've had your mandatory ethanol supplements, because today we're going to do something that just doesn't work if your mind is all there!

If you've read this far, then I assume you've already signed the 523 page NDA about "Experimental Fission Reactor Coolants" yes? Very well.

In essence, this device relies on "wrenching" the core and then rebuilding it to reset the heat. How does this work? Well, it shouldn't. But that's quantum mechanics for you.

You break it open to check it, and all you find out is that it's as cold as when you first crafted it. Crazy right? I know, you didn't expect to keep your fingers and neither did I.

You're going to need a few Block Placers, the ones from the replacement for Red Power 2 known as Project Red work quite well. Extra Util variants are bad with wrenches, we need wrenches.

We need to craft some wrenches, a lot of wrenches. Why? Well, running out of wrenches is the recipe for a quick and simple base teraformation from a lush plain into a wonderous crater home.

So you might be asking now, "Sir, but what arrangement do I place the components in? Where's the planner string?!?!" Well Jimmy! That's the beauty of this design! Just craft as many Quad Thorium rods as you can!

Moving to the core, it's a little tricky. You will need a pair of nuclear cores and at least 4 or 5 chambers. Why? Because I said so now get to crafting! Latencies with fewer components are much more measurable!

Now that you have all that, you have many options for your design. You could use AE, EnderIO or whatever kind of item transfer methods you please. We at the lab use conduits, due to upper management having not pushed up to AE yet.

Oh right, last part. When you finish it, make sure to place a lever on it and wait around 3s seconds. What? You don't want to see a second sunrise with your own eyes? Fine. I'll explain the signal setup.

Testing has shown that you may want to run the core for no more than 2 seconds before wrenching, then reconstruct the core, refill the fuel and away we go!

This design has been made illegal in at least 17 countries, that's almost as many that want my head. Safe travels Engineer - from Theta Movement.

TL;DR Fill a nuke with throium and wrench it before it explodes, 2 chamber gets you a little under an IV packet.