World Seeds

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This page has interesting world seeds for players looking for specific biomes near spawn.

3971121552768171949 : Mountain range to the west with Canyons to the east and Bamboo Forest north and further east.

321 : Chaparral in a valley with bamboo and river to the west, and desert/hot desert to the east. Nearby village. Has nice visible ores on the mountains.

20 : Desert/Mountain, with a giant canyon biome split by a Hot River biome to the east with a large lava meteor

-1 : Cherry blossom forest with silverwoods, slime islands

-20 : Has canyon biome near spawn, with mountains and garden

-50 : Pretty mystic grove

-60 : Planet Hoth. A frozen hellhole.

-80 : Nice castle village nearby

-90 : Grove

-100 : Tundra

-110 : Jade cliffs, maple forest, gigantic mountains 700m SE

-120 : Gigantic mountains, Spine of the World. Amazing pair of double redwoods at -50, 750

-130 : Magical forest, mystic grove, bamboo forest

-140 : Hot Desert, more mesa and buttes than Canyon biome

-150 : Canyon biome about 500 blocks SE of spawn, pretty large, has bamboo forest on one side