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This wiki is in need of contributors!

If you are going to copy anything from the FTB Gregtech wiki, please insert this notice where-ever relevant Template:FTB_Attribution.

These are not listed in any particular order. Please add to the list if you think of something that should be added.

  • Electricity Can find most info about this here Some information _might_ need to be updated. So verify everything listed conforms to our modpack. Anything else that may improve the form of the page and organization.
  • GT Pipes (and cables, though Electricity has that already, so probably don't need their own page) Can find most info about this here [1] (and more info in link above) [2] [3]
  • Category:GT_Tools All GT tools
  • Category:GT_Covers All GT covers, both the ones covered at the FTB wiki and those special to GTNH (Like one or two, like the fluid filter cover)
  • Blood Magic Altar additions/clean up
  • Galacticraft Oxygen setups, how to produce oxygen in space and what the player should bring with them. (probably in the form of a guide/tutorial, and include pictures)
  • Questing needs some explanation, including the difference between main and non-main quests and how to identify them, as well as explaining how quests are laid out in this modpack.
  • All Multiblock Machines from GregTech and now GT++ (Cleanroom is highest priority)
  • IC2 Crops List
  • GT-NEI-Ore-Plugin Spreadsheet Export Tutorial
  • Category:GT Multiblock Machines All GT and GT++ multiblocks

- A basic guide, or a link to what sort of format/style is expected on the wiki for novice writers.

Metals/ore and how to get them/make them

Thanks to everyone who helps!