Vacuum Freezer

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The Gregtech Vacuum Freezer is a multiblock that supercools its contents. It is mainly used to cooldown hot ingots from an Electric Blast Furnace.

How to Build

A Vacuum Freezer is a hollow 3x3x3 structure that requires:

-1 Controller block; front, centered
-1 Maintenance Hatch; anywhere
-1 Energy hatch; anywhere
-1+ input/output bus; anywhere
-Frost Proof Machine Casings everywhere else

Note that the vacuum freezer, like many other multiblocks, can share walls with other vacuum freezers.

Useful Tips

  • When a player upgrades their electric blast furnace, it is also recommended they upgrade the vacuum freezer accordingly. This is because ingots will start to have higher freeze times and voltage requirements as a player progresses through the Gregtech voltage tiers.