Renewable Resources

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This page discusses generating Renewable Resources. It is mostly in fun, since some of these routes have very low return rates.


  • Hydrogen - Electrolyze Water or Salt Water
  • Helium - Centrifuge Noble Gases (Centrifuge Liquid Air) or Endstone Dust (renewable via Witchery) | Distillation of Air or Any Steam/Hydro-Cracked Refinery Gas (Renewable via Oilberry or Pyrolyse Oven)
  • Lithium - Ghast Tears and Water in a Chemical Reactor | Electrolyze Clay (Renewable via Blood Magic) or Tungstate + Hydrogen (Renewable via Lava)
  • Beryllium - Electrolyze Enderpearl Dust (Mob Farm) or Emerald Dust (Villager in a smeltery, trading, bees...)
  • Boron - Only renewable via UU-Matter
  • Carbon - Electrolyze Sugar or Charcoal Dust | Centrifuge Dark Ashes, Manure Byproduct (Centrifuge Raw Animal Waste) or Rubber Wood
  • Nitrogen - Centrifuge Air or Liquid Air
  • Oxygen - Electrolyze Water, Sugar, or Silicon Dioxide
  • Fluorine - Electrolyze Biotite (Centrifuge Stone Dust)
  • Neon - Currently unobtainable in-game
  • Sodium - Electrolyze Clay Dust or Sodium Hydroxide (obtainable from Salt Water) | Centrifuge Sodalite Dust (Centrifuge lapis - renewable via Lazulia/Lazullia) or Quartz Sand
  • Magnesium - Electrolyze Obsidian Dust | Centrifuge Marble Dust (Centrifuge Stone Dust)
  • Aluminium - Electrolyze Clay Dust, Emerald Dust, Sodalite Dust, Lazurite Dust, Ruby Dust (Centrifuge Redstone), Potassium Feldspar (Centrifuge Stone Dust) or Bauxite Dust (Centrifuge Metal Mixture Dust - Centrifuge Stone Dust)
  • Silicon - Electrolyze Silicon Dioxide, Lazurite Dust, Clay Dust, Sodalite Dust, Obsidian Dust, Emerald Dust or Biotite Dust | Centrifuge Redstone or Potassium Feldspar
  • Phosphorus - Centrifuge Manure Byproduct | Electrolyze Phosphorus Pentoxide (Centrifuge Ashes)
  • Sulfur - Craftable via XP Buckets | Centrifuge Blaze Powder | Electrolyze Pyrite (Centrifuge Redstone), Barite (Centrifuge Metal Mixture Dust), or Gypsum (Craftable via XP Buckets)
  • Chlorine - Electrolyze Salt Water or Sodalite Dust
  • Argon - Centrifuge Noble Gases
  • Potassium - Electrolyze Potash (Centrifuge Ashes), Potassium Feldspar or Enderpearl Dust
  • Calcium - Centrifuge Manure Byproduct | Electrolyze Calcite (Centrifuge Marble or Lapis Dust), Gypsum, Lazurite or Bone Meal
  • Scandium - Currently unobtainable in-game
  • Titanium - Process Bauxite
  • Vanadium - Only renewable via UU-Matter or Mercury Bee
  • Chrome - Electrolyze Ruby Dust
  • Manganese - Electrolyze Pyrolusite (Centrifuge Metal Mixture Dust)
  • Iron - Craftable via XP Buckets | Electrolyze Banded Iron (Centrifuge Ashes or Metal Mixture Dust), Pyrite or Obsidian Dust | Mob Farms
  • Cobalt - Centrifuge Cobalt Brass (Craftable via XP Buckets)
  • Nickel - Craftable via XP Buckets | Molecular Transformation of Copper Dust
  • Copper - Craftable via XP Buckets | Centrifuge Lava, Brass Dust or Manure Byproduct
  • Zinc - Centrifuge Brass Dust
  • Gallium - Craftable via XP Buckets
  • Germanium - Currently completely unrenewable
  • Arsenic - Craftable via XP Buckets
  • Selenium - Currently completely unrenewable
  • Bromine - Currently completely unrenewable
  • Krypton - Centrifuge Depleted Thorium, Uranium, or MOX Rods (only single ones!)
  • Rubidium - Only renewable via UU-Matter
  • Strontium - Only renewable via UU-Matter
  • Yttrium - Sift Rare Earth (renewable via various types of bees or Blood Magic's Mark of the Falling Tower ritual)
  • Zirconium - Chemically Bathe Tin or Rutile dust with Chlorine
  • Molybdenum - Only renewable via UU-Matter or Tungsten Bee
  • Technetium - Currently unobtainable
  • Ruthenium - Alloy Blast Smelting Carbon Dust, Purified Iridium Ore (Renewable via Blood Magic's Mark of the Falling Tower ritual) and Sulfuric Acid
  • Rhodium - Currently completely unrenewable
  • Palladium - Only renewable via UU-Matter or any Jupiter/Jupiter Moon Bee
  • Silver - Craftable via XP Buckets | Centrifuge Lava | Molecular Transform Tin Dust
  • Cadmium - Sift Rare Earth
  • Indium - Only renewable via UU-Matter
  • Tin - Craftable via XP Buckets | Centrifuge Lava | Electrolyze Cassiterite Dust (Centrifuge Quartz Sand)
  • Antimony - Only renewable via UU-Matter
  • Tellurium - Only renewable via UU-Matter
  • Iodine - Currently completely unrenewable
  • Xenon - Currently unobtainable

Products from Stonelilies

These products don't include the material specific crops like Coppon etc.

Red stonelilies

Black stonelilies

Yellow Stonelilies

White Stonelilies