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What is GT New Horizons?

Everything you do is tied to GregTech as it should be. We are using our own mod NewHorizonsCoreMod to add custom items and Minetweaker to change 99% of all the recipes in all the mods in the modpack, or in other words to "gregify" the recipes. You can also look forward to Tinkers' Construct, Railcraft, Forestry, Extra Utilities, Openblocks, Applied Energistics 2, Buildcraft, Galacticraft with many addons, Gendustry, Steve's Carts, OpenComputers and many, many others.
Many mods are carefully tied to Thaumcraft. Thaumcraft addons such as Forbidden Magic, Automagy, Thaumic Tinkerer, Thaumic Exploration, Thaumic Horizons etc. have also been modified. When you've progressed enough you can reach Witchery or even Blood Magic.
Using Realistic World Gen along with Biomes 'o' Plenty wonderful terrains and biomes can be created. With The Twillight Forest (that you need to conquer to reach endgame Thaumcraft), Galacticraft, and other mods, the modpack has over EIGHT dimensions. Plus rogue-like Dungeons, Hardcore Ender Expansion, and other world generation mods, make sure you got some goodies to find while exploring!
Hunger Overhaul, Pam's Harvestcraft, Special Mobs, Hardcore Ender Expansion, Infernal Mobs, Lava Monsters, Zombie Awareness. Do I need to continue? You want to roam the land and kill everything in sight with ease, build a highly advanced Magic/Tech base and raid all the dungeons in Minecraft? You surely can! But you have a long journey ahead of you...