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The Gregtech Distillation Tower is a multiblock that distills an input fluid into all of its possible distilled products. While not technically mandatory for progression, it is the backbone of any proper oil/bio processing chain and is thus highly recommended to all players.

How to Build

A Distillation Tower is a hollow 3xNx3 structure (where N is between 3 and 12) that requires:

-1 Controller block; front-centered, at the bottom layer
-1 Maintenance Hatch; anywhere
-1 Energy hatch; anywhere
-1 Output Bus; any bottom layer casing
-1 Input Hatch; any bottom layer casing
-At most 1 Output Hatch per layer, except the bottom layer
-Clean Stainless Steel Machine Casings everywhere else

Note that the Distillation Tower, like many other multiblocks, can share walls with other Distillation Towers.

Why Build One?

As previously stated, the distillation tower will distill an input fluid into all of its possible distillation products. For example, it can turn Oil into Sulfuric Gas, Sulfuric Naphtha, Sulfuric Light Fuel, and Sulfuric Heavy Fuel simultaneously.


  • Sharing walls is highly recommended since stainless steel can be hard to come by early on in the game.
  • The distillation tower recipes shown in NEI will show a grid of numbered cells with liquids in them. The grid number denotes which output hatch the liquid will come out of in your distillation tower, where 0 is the output bus and 1 is the output hatch of the first layer, from bottom to top. This makes it easy to plan ahead and know how high of a tower you need to build.
  • If a distillation tower is missing a layer to capture an output, it will simply be voided (since the hatch doesn't exist). For example, a 3-high distillation tower will void sulfuric gas and sulfuric naphtha when processing oil. This also means the distillation tower will just keep on running, even if it doesn't have the proper number of output hatches for the recipe it is doing.
  • Ender Fluid Conduits are highly recommended to use on the output hatches since they can handle multiple liquids simultaneously and have built-in filters.