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Changelog written by Dream, which is mostly used to write this one can be found on the GTNH forums[Poorly Formatted]

Code and quest changes, for each version listed below, can be found on their respective post on the original forum thread. They are not always placed here because their format changes wildly and there are often far too many to list. Editors try to unify formatting of them and make them more clear, but its not always possible.

TODO: All versions from to, list most recent first, and oldest last (at the bottom). Claimed by SirFell, Contribute here. | 18.10.2017

Mod Changes

Change Name New Version
Updated Better Questing 1.0.173d unofficial
Updated Gregtech
Updated Better Questing - Questbook 1.1.0a_unofficial
Updated Better Questing - Standart Expansion 1.0.108a_unofficial

Config Changes

Mod Name Description
Gregtech Changed all of vein sizes in Deep Dark to be not bigger than 32.

Should resolve cascading worldgen. | 17.10.2017

Mod Changes

Change Name New Version
Updated Better Questing 1.0.173b unofficial
Updated Gregtech

Code Changes

Mod Name Description
  • Range of oil drills was increased by 1 and 2 (T2 and T3 corr.)
  • Oregen reverted to threadsafe version (causes loss of ore but removes lag)

Config Changes

Mod Name Description
Gregtech Fixed Min/Max values of oregen height. | 16.10.2017

Config Changes

Change Name New Version
Removed Utility Mobs 3.1.1
Updated Better Questing 1.0.173 unofficial
Updated Gregtech
Updated GTNewHorizonsCoreMod 1.5.11
Updated GT++ 1.6.09
Updated Open Computers Build 1086
Updated Open Security 1.0.104
Updated Quest Book 1.1.0 unofficial
Updated TecTech 3.5.2a

Changed/Added Recipes

Mod Name Description
Buildcraft Oredict Cobblestone Rods
Forestry Added recipe to remove nbt data of Beealyzer and Treealyzer

Code Changes

Attention32.pngUnclear changelog.
Some of the changelog was not understandable for editor thus left as is.
Mod Name Description Issues ID
Core Mod
  • Air Filter recipe and info change
  • Cleanroom no longer uses SMD resistor
  • Lapotron Crystals now require Adv Circuit to make
  • More Vacuum Tube recipes
  • Fix of Electric Hoe recipe

  • 2093
  • 2092
  • 2090
Gregtech[Cannot unscramble]
  • Add localizer Tec Tech to GT
  • The right method to find out whether the machine should break the block
  • Add tier info
  • Fix EBF tooltip
  • Rainforest saplings can now be compressed into plantballs
  • Fix of Deprecated Recipe
  • Adv Nano Chestplate issue quest fixed
  • Lapotron orb ic2 recipe removed

  • 2079
  • 2076
  • 2075
GT++ Wood farm is now fixed

Changed Configs

Mod Name Description Issue ID
GregTech Titanium was moved to Mars, Bauxite is still on Moon

To get titanium before Mars process Rutile


Changed/Added Quests

Quest Description Issue ID
Gallium Arsenide Quest description was made clearer 2089
More SMD parts and fluids trades for coins
Iron (III) Chloride and Sodium Persulfate quests
More Circuit and Circuit component quests
Amounts of coins rewarded in quests increased
Quest links fixes 2055
Quest for making Indium 2064
Fixed questing path in Thaumcraft quests 2077 | 08.10.2017

This changelog has beed modified into human readable form which also contains more usefull information. We hope in the future that every changelog can look more like this one.

Mod Changes

Change Name New Version
Added Better Achievements 0.1.0
Added Nature's Compass 1.3.1
Updated GregTech
Updated GTNewHorizonsCoreMod 1.5.10
Updated GT++ 1.6.07
Updated Spice of Life 1.3.11
Updated Storage Drawers 1.10.9
Updated TecTech 3.5.2
Updated Thaumic Exploration 1.1.71-0

Other Changes

Mod Name Description
Core Mod
  • Edits to transformer render
  • Recipe gating fixes for Railcraft machines in LV
  • Quest for making concrete from marble
  • Buff of wet transformers (now store 4 times energy)
  • Changes to transformer code. Now requires GT++
  • Moved high-amp transformers to coremod and added more of them
  • Fix of extruder consuming wire mold when making glass fiber
  • Removed GT tool and weapon parts
  • Empty shape plate in bender now require 8 times less materials
  • Added lapotron crystal assembler recipe
  • Added universal AE2 storage housing recipe in assembler
  • Fix of being unable to craft Adv. Nano Chestplate and Jetpack
  • Made high-amp transformers harder to make
  • Fixes to wet transformer tooltips and code
  • Added assembler recipe for Nature's Compass mod
  • Rotor solder used in recipe reverted to 16*n instead of 18*n
  • Fixed Microwave Energy Transmitter crash when opening GUI after extracting nitrogen plasma
  • Added more oil drills 3x3 and 6x6 chunk and cave back-filler
  • Added P2P support for GT energy system
  • ODP speed was improved
  • Rebalanced charcoal electrolyse by-product
  • Rebalanced Nitric Acid cost/usage
  • Ores now generate in marble and basalt
  • Fixed T2 and T3 oil drill recipes
  • Increased amount of pure silver in galena vein to compensate for partial galena -> silver recipe removal
  • Fixed Rotor Mold getting consumed in the Fluid Soldifier
  • Fixed Heat Proof Casings Outputting 2x in the Assembling Machine
  • Raw Styrene Butadiene Rubber now outputs 4 cells instead of 16
  • Fixed brewery biomass recipes
  • Added forestry compost recipes to Mixer
  • Rebalanced Forestry biomass recipes
  • Changed Fluid Extractor recipes from fruits to juice
  • Fixed Electrolyser processing water instantly
  • Changes to LHE, turbines and steam turbines
  • Added fish oil recipe from pam's fish
  • Naquadah fluid cells re-enabled
  • Fixed Basic Miner being unable to work with battery in its slot
  • Costs of all drillers rebalanced
  • Added Pahoehoe to Thermal Boiler
  • Added Project Table
  • Finished Power Sub-Station multiblock
  • Fixed Tree Farm giving reduced output
  • Added Large Ore Washing Plant
  • Fixed cable and pipe bounding box and rendering issues
  • Rebalanced Ammonia
  • Fixed Sensor recipes
  • Fixed some tooltips
  • Added 3 new tiers of Semi-Fluid generators
NewHorizons Modpack
  • Quest fixes
  • Disabled requirement of machine having free side to access it
  • Enabled WUSS mode back
  • BC Robots were enabled
  • Nuclear power nerfed 10x --> 5x
  • Re-enabled Forge loading screen
  • Nerfed GT++ steam boilers
  • Bismuth now generate on Mars, Mercury, Phobos, Titan, VegaB
  • Added new quests:
  1. Marble --> Concrete quest
  2. Ender IO Reservoir quest
  3. Coin quests
  4. Ghast hunt
  5. End quest that is now gating Witchery quests
  6. More EnderIO tool/armor/block quests
  7. Enchanted Earth


Storage Drawers
  • Protection against storage upgrades with illegal level values
  • Nerfed and fixed Microwave grinder
  • Fixes, optimisations more poorly documented features | 10.09.2017

Mod Changes

Change Name New Version
Added Sleeping Bag 0.1.1
Added TecTech 3.5.0
Updated Asie Lib 0.48
Updated Computronics 1.6.5
Updated GregTech
Updated GTNewHorizonsCoreMod 1.5.7
Updated GT++ 1.6.02
Updated Railcraft

Changed/Added Recipes

Mod Name Description Issue ID
IC2 Balance issues with re-enabled biogas recipes 1911
IC2 Set all items to meta id 1 because 26 is unobtainable
Galacticraft Raw meteoric iron 1936
Galacticraft Fixed raw meteoric iron furnace recipe
Gravisuit Advanced Nanochestplate/Jetpack recipes 1938
GregTech Thermionic Fabricator used wrong items in recipes 1924
Magic Bees Fixed enchanted earth research page info text
Open Blocks Sleeping bag 1935
Thaumcraft Magic Converters didn't accept GregTech Void Ingots 1916 | 01.09.2017

Mod Changes

Change Name New Version
Updated Binnies Mod 2.0.22
Updated Gregtech
Updated GTNewHorizonsCoreMod 1.5.5
Updated GT++ 1.5.9a
Updated Thaumic Exploration 1.1.70-0
Updated Tinkers Construct

Changed/Added Recipes

Mod Name Description Issue ID
Architecture Craft Added chisel recipe for Architecture Craft
Avaritia Neutronium compressor 1894
Backpacks Minor bug with backpack 1879
Biome o Plenty Added recipes to craft various BoP Corals 1887
Chisel Added cheaper chisel recipes 1901
Extra Utilities Made conveyor recipe cheaper 1888
Galacticraft Tier 1 Rocket quest now accepts rocket with cargo space 1896
GregTech Changed Empty Circuit Board to use Fluid Extractor/Assembler instead of Thermionic Fabricator 1885
GregTech Added missing recipe for coal dust from small and tiny coal dust 1906
Magic Bees Added a description to the Enchanted Earth page in the Thaumonomicon
Tainted Magic Unable to infuse Shadowmetal Cap 1884
Tinkers Construct Added some missing things about slimeballs. 1870
Various Text changes in Quests, CoreMod, Thaumic Exploration, Blood Magic, and Thaumic Tinkerer

x.x.x.x | xx.xx.xxxx

Mod Changes

Change Name New Version
Updated Foo
Added Bar 1.0.0
Removed Blah

Changed/Added Recipes

Mod Name Description Issue ID