Bricked Blast Furnace

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With the bronze plated blast furnace deprecated, the Bricked Blast furnace is your go-to method to create steel until you make an Electric Blast Furnace. It's recipes are listed under the NEI "Primitive Blast Furnace" tab. This is the first machine where pollution may become an issue for some players, as you are likely to build up to 4 (or even more!) blast furnaces due to their slow processing speed; resulting in a gradual build up of pollution if left running constantly for long periods of time. Don't let the pollution discourage you, however, you will be able to make many stacks of steel before the pollution is noticeable.


The Bricked Blast Furnace requires

The Bricked Blast Furnace is constructed by laying a 3x3 foundation of Firebricks, with three hollow rings above it (made of Firebricks). The front of the first ring is where the Bricked Blast Furnace block itself should be placed


To create steel, simply add coal / charcoal / coal coke and iron, then wait for quite a while.

The Bricked Blast Furnace can also be used to obtain extra output from metal oxides and sulfates (Pyrite, Magnetite, Cassiterite, etc.). Doing this returns 3 ingots for every 2 dust, however the processing time may reduce the practicality of doing this.