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If you are looking for a backup solution, there is a detailed page here.

This page is about mods you can add to your GT New Horizons instance. They are all client-side mods, meaning you don't have to install them on a server when you are playing multiplayer. Exceptions to this are Aroma Backup and FTB Utilities, both of them can be installed on a server. You are most likely not going to want to install all of them because their features overlap to some extend. Important: you don't have to install any of these mods, the modpack runs just fine without them.


Note: This is not a list of mods contained in GT New Horizons nor a list of officially recommended mods.

All mods must be put in the mods folder inside your modpack directory (see below).

Mods marked with [LL] require LiteLoader (see below).

Mods marked with [AC] require Aroma1997Core.

Mods marked with [FL] require FTB Library.

Name Description Conflicts
AromaBackup[AC] Backup your world by schedule or by command. This mod does support various compression formats.
Better Foliage Enhances the appearance of grass and leaves.
Better Rain Better Rain changes the sound and texture of rain depending on the "strenght" of the rain. The strenght is random each time the weather changes to rain/thunder.
Big Chat History [LL] Extends your chat history from 100 to 10,000 lines. If TabbyChat 2 is installed this mod will do nothing.
Chat Bubbles [LL] Displays chat bubbles over the player heads when they type something in the chat. If you are playing on a server with plugins thy might handle the chat differently (using plugins) and the mod might not work. Check the mods' homepage for that.
CraftPresence Provides Discord integration. Entering the TwilightForest while having the dimension you are in displayed in Discord can crash the game. You might have to disable this feature.
Damage Indicators Adds a HUD that shows information about health, effects, if it's hostile and a 3D image of the mob you are looking at. - The HUD is positioned in the top left corner so it might overlap with InGameInfoXML.

- The information about health doubles with WAILA so you might want to change the WAILA config.

Dynamic Surroundings A compilation of Better Rain, Aurora Rubealis and Presence Footsteps.
Fancy Block Particles Breaking a block now creates 3D particles.
FPS Reducer Reduces the CPU/GPU load when you are AFK or Minecraft is running in the background. In this case the mod suppresses the game sound.
FTB Utilities [FL] Backup your world scheduled or via command. Add other players as friends and give them permissions to your claimed chunks which also can be chunkloaded.
ItemPhysic Lite Adds physics to items dropped on the ground. This is only visual as the full version must be added to the server too. Some items do not work.
Fullscreen Windowed Replaces the fullscreen mode with a borderless windowed mode.
Link Info [LL] Provides basic information about the link you clicked on:

YouTube: video-title, uploader, thumbnail

Image: can show you the image ingame

Other: title of the website

MAtmos [LL] Atmospheric sound generator. It will play sounds according to your surroundings. If you are in the forest - birds will chirp. If you are at low health - you will hear your heart beating. Soundpacks are available here (put them in the resourcepacks-folder in your modpack-directory). - The 1.7.10 version is an unofficial beta version. This was not an issue for me in the past though.

- The "MAtmos"-key (F7) conflicts with the default "Mob Spawn Overlay"-key from NEI. You have to change the "Mob Spawn Overlay"-key. You shouldn't change the "MAtmos"-key because it will change back to F7 when you close and relaunch the game.

NEI Easy Search Provides a better NEI search experience for chinese characters. The game can crash when using this mod alongside mitchej123's modified NotEnoughItems.
NoFog Removes all fog.
OptiFine OptiFine is an optimization-mod that increases the performance of the game. Additionaly it provides a lot of features like shader support, VSync, connected textures and a lot of video-settings. If you consider using this, read this before installation. Otherwise you are likely to encounter problems. - Fastcraft 1.23 conflicts with Optifine, you have to upgrade to 1.25 or remove it.

- Depending on your hardware "Chunk Loading" in the Video-Settings may has to be set to "Default". If it does not, your game can crash if you join a world/server.

Presence Footsteps [LL] Alters the way footstep-sounds are played when sprinting, jumping or walking on two different blocks at the same time.
Smooth Font Optimizes the way text is rendered and provides options to scale the text and change the font. When using FastCraft "enableFontRendererTweaks" has to be set to false.
Sound Filters Adds reverb to caves and muffles soundsources when you are behind a wall or under water.
TabbyChat 2 [LL] Completely overhauls the chat window. Resize the chat how you like, create channels/private messages, add filters, see timestamps... If Big Chat History is installed it will do nothing.
VoxelMap [LL] A minimap. It has the same basic functionality as JourneyMap but with some addtions: choose icons for your waypoints, share waypoints and have a monster-radar even in multiplayer (technicaly JourneyMap has a radar aswell but not in the version shipped with GTNH).


LiteLoader is a modloader like forge however it supports mods with the .liteloader file extension. The installation is similar to Forge but if Forge is already installed (which it is because all mods within GTNH work with Forge) that does not work. In this case you can install LiteLoader as a Forge mod (.jar file extension). To do that run the LiteLoader installer and select "Extract LiteLoader jar". Then choose the mods-folder inside your modpack-directory (see "Finding the modpack-directory") as the extraction-directory.

You have to insert .liteloader mod-files in the mods-folder in your modpack-directory.

How to extract the LiteLoader .jar for use with Forge.

Finding the modpack-directory

Technic Launcher

Technic Launcher - "Modpack Options"-window
Technic Launcher - "Modpack Options" window
Technic Launcher - "MODPACKS" tab
  1. Start the Technic Launcher.
  2. Select the "MODPACKS" tab.
  3. Select "GT New Horizons" on the left side.
  4. Click on "Modpack Options" at the right upper corner.
  5. Another window will open; click on "Open" at the top of this window.


  1. Start Twitch.
  2. Select "Mods" in the top row.
  3. Select the "Minecraft" tab.
  4. Right-click on the "GT New Horizons" profile.
  5. Click on "open folder".


  1. Start MultiMC.
  2. Select your instace of GT New Horizons.
  3. Click on "Minecraft Folder" at the right side or right-click on the instance and then "Minecraft Folder".