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When on discord, or talking to other NH people, you may find common acronyms and other shorthand being used. While this list won't have everything, and people will always create their own, this should help with some of the more common phrases used.

GT Machines

ABS - Alloy blast smelter from GT++

Assline - Assembly line multiblock

CA - Circuit assembler

CP - Exxon chem plant from GT++

DT - Distillation Tower

EBF - Electric blast furnace

FE - Fluid Extractor

FS - Fluid solidifier

LCR - Large Chemical Reactor

LSC - kekztec lapo storage multiblock

PBF - Primitive Blast Furnace

PLE - Precision Laser Engraver

WA - World Accelerator (TE mode - tile entity mode for the WA)

Gregtech related

OC - overclock

x/y OC - Overclock ratio of speed to power (ie: 2/4 OC, which is normal, or 4/4 OC, which would be a perfect overclock)

Naq - naquadah

T - Can be used to define tier in equations involving power


AE2 - applied energistics 2

BQ - better questing

BM - Blood Magic

BW - Bart works

GC - Galactic craft

GT - gregtech

GT++ (++) - Gregtech ++

GS - Galaxy Space

OC - Open Computers

TC - Thaum Craft

TH - Thaumic horizons

TT - TecTech

WG - Witching Gadgets