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In version 1.5 of GTNH the circuit system had a complete rewrite. Instead of a single circuit per tier like in previous versions, there are now three to four variants per tier each with a different recipe chain of varying material costs and machine requirements. There are also three "data circuits" which are separate however are required for crafting HV tier and higher machines along with the normal circuits.

Types of Circuits

(Embed 2.0 Circuits spreadsheet here)

Each circuit from within the same tier can be used in recipes interchangeably - in place of each other. Thus the only reason to craft circuits further to the right in a tier is because they will be used in higher tier circuits, as explained in Crafting.


Many circuits require that you craft them inside of the Cleanroom multiblock structure. There are also some that require that you craft them in a low gravity environment, which includes all planets and the Asteroids dimension.

Each tier higher circuits will of course be more expensive than the previous tier, however, in each column displayed in the above spreadsheet, each next tier of a circuit, requires the previous tier circuit inside the recipe. For an example, an Advanced Circuit (IC2) requires Good Integrated Circuits in its recipe. But on top of that, Good Integrated Circuits then require Integrated Logic Circuits in its recipe. Strangely there is an exception in that Microprocessors are not required in any other circuit, which means they are practically worthless to ever craft, since you can just use the far cheaper LV circuits instead.

The further right you go in the spreadsheet, the recipes also get slightly more expensive. In MV for example, the Good Integrated Circuit will be a bit more expensive than the Good Electronic Circuit but can still be used in MV tier machines/components/etc.

Data Circuits

Data Circuits are a special set of "circuits" that are required in HV and higher tiers when crafting machines. Normally, components for a machine, as well as any circuits in the machine's recipe are simply one of the circuits at that machine's tier. However starting at HV, the components will still require circuits, but the actual machines will require these Data Circuits. As of v1.5.1.2 of the modpack, there are three different variants of Data Circuits: Workstation, Nanoprocessor Assembly, and Quantumprocessor. Also as of this version, they can be used in place of each other in all of their recipes, regardless of the tier of the machine, which means it is currently pointless to craft anything except the Workstation in terms of Data Circuits.