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This is a quick guide to get your chemical plant online. You may be confused (as I was) on how to build it, how many of what hatches, etc.

This guide is written assuming you're coming here trying to figure out how to get to Mars. Basically once progression requires you to have this multi-block. As such the shopping list below will either be what is required for the tier to make RP-1 Rocket Fuel or in the case of the coils and the pipe casings, the ones I chose to use.

Here is a video made by someone if you prefer that method (no talking):

You can change this to whatever tier you need to process and NEI will show the tier required. This specifically refers to the Machine Casings and Solid Casings. The Coils and Pipe Casings just give bonuses or discounts.

Note: you can make the in game guide as show below:

Chemical Plant Manual

Shopping List

  • 27x Cupronickel Coil Blocks (See: Valid Coils, below).
  • 18x Steel Pipe Casing (See: Valid Pipe Casings, below).
  • 57x HV Machine Casing (See: Valid Machine Casings, below).
  • 84x Clean Stainless Steel Machine Casing (See: Valid Solid Casings, below).
  • 1x Catalyst Housing
  • 1x Energy Hatch
  • 1x Maintenance Hatch
  • 2x Input Hatch
  • 2x Output Hatch
  • 1x Input Bus (This is where the Programmed Circuit will go).

Valid Coils

  • Tier 1: Cupronickel Coil Block
  • Tier 2: Kanthal Coil Block
  • Tier 3: Nichrome Coil Block
  • Tier 4: Tungstensteel Coil Block
  • Tier 5: HSS-G Coil Block
  • Tier 6: Naquadah Coil Block
  • Tier 7: Naquadah Alloy Coil Block

Valid Pipe Casings

  • Tier 1: Bronze Pipe
  • Tier 2: Steel Pipe
  • Tier 3: Titanium Pipe
  • Tier 4: Tungstensteel

Valid Machine Casings

Note: Don't turn these into the Machine Hulls!

  • Tier 1: ULV Machine Casing
  • Tier 2: LV Machine Casing
  • Tier 3: MV Machine Casing
  • Tier 4: HV Machine Casing
  • Tier 5: EV Machine Casing
  • Tier 6: IV Machine Casing
  • Tier 7: LuV Machine Casing
  • Tier 8: ZPM Machine Casing
  • Tier 9: UV Machine Casing
  • Tier 10: UHV Machine Casing

Valid Solid Casings

  • Tier 0: Strong Bronze Machine Casing
  • Tier 1: Solid Steel Machine Casing
  • Tier 2: Sturdy Aluminium Machine Casing
  • Tier 3: Clean Stainless Steel Machine Casing
  • Tier 4: Stable Titanium Machine Casing
  • Tier 5: Robust Tungstensteel Machine Casing
  • Tier 6: Vigorous Laurenium Machine Casing
  • Tier 7: Rugged Botmium Machine Casing

Layer by Layer Build Guide

Note: Catalyst Housing, Input Hatches, Output Hatches, Input Bus, Maintenance Hatch, Energy Hatch and Controller must all go in the bottom layer. You can see below the controller is colored orange. These blocks must replace one of the Solid Casings (in this case the Clean Stainless Steel Machine Casings). They cannot be the corner blocks. The Controller must be in the middle as pictured below.

Layer 1

Layer 2

Layer 3

Layer 4

Layer 5

Layer 6

Layer 7