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This category covers all pages that describe the various covers in GregTech.

There are a lot of covers available in gregtech, Each one has its own use as described below.

The covers can be placed on the sides of machines, cables, wires and pipes.

The covers can be removed with a Crowbar, and they can be configured with a Screwdriver.

When they send a redstone signal the redstone signal will depend on the mode, A few outputs only “on/off” signals while others can be different strengths from 0-15.

Shift-right-clicking with a soldering iron on a cover that sends a redstone signal will toggle it between emitting weak and strong redstone power. Strong redstone power will penetrate through a solid block (but not a hatch or bus,) allowing one to use faces of a multiblock other than the front for emitting redstone.

Note this page is currently WIP

These items needs to be added:

Field Generator

Fluid Detector

Item Detector

Robotic arm

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